Listen In


We opened our latest batch of consultations with the city today, in a well-attended meeting in Southmead.  

These included looking at our future plans for libraries, public toilet provision, school crossing patrols, neighbourhood partnerships and community links.  Along with my deputy mayors Asher Craig and Craig Cheney and cabinet member Helen Holland, we explained why we were proposing the changes to services.  In a lively session, adroitly chaired by BCFM/Ujima OneLove Breakfast show anchor, Pat Hart, we listened to the views of the communities from North West Bristol.  These ranged from questions on cutting grass in parks to a possible return to the world of ‘spending a penny’ in public toilets or more likely again, asking the community to help find solutions. 

The consultation sessions are rolling out to communities near you and you can sign up to come along here.

Of course, the sessions are another conversation about the potential ‘cuts’ and I won’t repeat the well-rehearsed arguments about the budget or explain again how I am taking the argument to Westminster for more funds.

One public question that stood out for me was “why are you asking us our views again?’ and to be fair, it showed great commitment to attend and ask that question but most people were keen to express how pleased they were to get the opportunity.

We have to find solutions to the city’s challenges and all of us have to step up.  So if you have ideas or solutions, please come along and share them with us.


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