Zero Hunger Bristol

Over 100 people came together with Andy Street (5K Partnership), Kerry McCarthy MP, and Rosie Oglesby (Feeding Britain) in City Hall to day to launch the Feeding Bristol initiative.

The group agreed to a clearly stated aim.

The Bristol pilot is committed to supporting and encouraging initiatives that improve wellbeing by creating the context for all people in the City of Bristol – irrespective of social or ethnic background – having access to resources, abilities and facilities to grow, purchase, prepare and cook fresh, healthy and affordable food.

In essence we aspire to a ‘Zero Hunger Bristol’

The work is an example of the way the city must work. My office has clearly articulated a city challenge and aim to tackle child hunger. Groups in the city who share that aspiration have come together to offer to develop a plan to make it happen. And they have grown the challenge beyond children to include all Bristolians. We have together committed as a political leadership and city partners to make it happen.

The scale and significance of this aspiration and commitment should not be underestimated. 20,000 people use Bristol food banks every year. Teachers unions are reporting of more teachers using their own money to feed hungry children. Not all things labelled ‘food’ have enough nutritional value to warrant the name. A poor diet in childhood impacts on physical and mental health, education and life chances.

We are asking the city to rally with us – supermarkets, businesses, charities, faith groups, trades unions – to make Bristol a Zero Hunger City.


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