What a Result!

Thousands of Bristol students are collecting their A-level results today.

I remember my A levels. I didn’t find them easy and was relieved to get to the end of them. I congratulate all young people receiving your results today and wish you the very best in whatever comes next.

You can see some more about the great results Bristol has achieved today here.

If you haven’t done as well as you hoped today, don’t worry. I don’t pretend that disappointment is without pain. But stop, take a breath and remember that the results you have before you today will not determine your whole future.

You have a long life ahead of you and plenty of time to retake or pursue new avenues.

I have experienced disappointment myself and in many ways it has been the making of me. It is overcoming challenge and obstacles that makes a story worth telling.

Someone sent me this clip last night of the actor Denzel Washington talking about success and failure, I’d like to share it with you too.

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