WECA Infrastructure Investment

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the West of England Combined Authority Committee in Bath. We considered funding for several majors schemes to improve transport, housing and employment in our area. A series of feasibility studies and the development of business cases for strategically important infrastructure schemes were agreed within the WECA area.

While I know local government can sometimes be dull and inaccessible, these are projects which will have a major impact on our city region for the future.

Here are the items which were secured for Bristol:

Strategic Transport Feasibility

Orbital Route

This scheme comprises a combination of new links and improvements to existing highway, between Whitchurch and Hengrove. It would link up new housing opportunities at Whitchurch as set out in the Joint Spatial Plan, and support regeneration in South Bristol.

Temple Meads Masterplan

The study will consider a range of major improvements at this key regional hub, including more platforms, better access to the northern entrance, and access improvements for passengers and cyclists. This element will enable the development of a station masterplan, essential to the delivery of station improvements.

Underground and rapid transport options

This would include studies into four mass transit corridors linking Bristol city centre with Bristol Airport, the North Fringe, the East Fringe and via the A4 corridor to Hicks Gate/Keynsham, as identified in the Joint Transport Plan. There will also be a study into a light rail/Metro hybrid option, supporting Bristol City Council’s study.

Schemes for Business Case Development


Bristol City Council has identified land for 800 new homes and a new school at Lockleaze. This study will look at what transport infrastructure is needed for this development, including bus lanes, cycle routes, and junction improvements.


Bristol City Council is in the process of securing outline planning consent for around 1500 new homes, a large park, onsite highways and access. This initiative would look at the improvements needed to support the development of new homes here, including improvements to William Jessop Way, utilities infrastructure and new access and junctions from Hengrove Way and Bamfield.



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