National Apprenticeship Week

amy-rodwell.jpgToday’s guest blog, in honour of National Apprenticeship Week, is written by Amy Rodwell. Amy is an apprentice in the Mayor’s Office at Bristol City Council.

I’ve been an apprentice at the Council since November 2015, most recently working as a Business Support Assistant in the Mayor’s Office. This involves carrying out general administration tasks and working closely with the office team to support the Mayor and Cabinet whilst at the same time completing my level 3 Business Administration NVQ.

When people said that you would only do an apprenticeship if you’d failed to get into University, I felt overlooked and cast aside. They said that apprenticeships are for the dumb kids – but that’s not the case. I had already passed my GCSEs and A-Levels before getting my apprenticeship, and now I’ve gained even more experience and skills through becoming an apprentice with Bristol City Council.

As part of the apprenticeship programme I’ve had to do exams and other assessments, including presentations and written work. It’s great how an apprenticeship pushes you out of your comfort zone, but still keeps you supported while you develop.

I have learnt so much over the last two years and massively boosted my confidence, so I would like to make other people aware of the opportunities they can take advantage of through apprenticeships too. Apprenticeships weren’t promoted when I was in school and I feel like there was a pressure on us to go to university. Most people knew very little or nothing at all about apprenticeships so I am passionate about making more people aware of them.  

I also want more employers to understand the value in developing their young people. Employers can encourage and develop a diverse workforce through employing apprentices and it can bring them significant benefits by bringing a different perspective and ideas into their organisations. That’s why I have recently applied to be an Apprenticeships Ambassador and through this I hope to raise awareness by going to events and speaking at schools.

I am looking forward to completing my apprenticeship and receiving my Level 3 qualification and I hope that other people considering their career options take the amazing opportunity to do an apprenticeship too!


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