WeAreBristol Launch 3 - CB Bristol Design 2019

Today we launched a new campaign with the #WeAreBristol film. The film shows 60 Bristol strangers who were randomly selected to come together and take part in a social experiment.

IMG_6579The people in the film represent everyone in Bristol – young, old, rich, poor, people who have always lived here, and people who have moved here from other parts of the world. It is easy to say that on the surface these people are different. But what the film shows is that actually they have far more in common than you would think.

Films and campaigns like this are vital, particularly at a time when many people would say the UK has never been more divided. It is vital because it makes us stop and think. It challenges us to reflect on our own behaviour – do we judge people before we have even heard them speak? Do we make assumptions about a situation because of pre-conceived prejudice?

It is true that political fractures have led to a rise in race-related hate crime. These fractures and the anonymity provided by social media, have seen a surge in both subtle and blatantly obvious discriminatory remarks.  It’s led many people to think it is ok to openly share and display feelings of intolerance.

The #WeAreBristol campaign which starts today says in Bristol we can be different. We can take steps to shut down intolerance, be proud of Bristol’s diversity and stand side by side with our neighbours – no matter where they come from or what they believe in.

Our views, our lifestyles and even the way we look might be different, but deep down we are the same. We are human. We are Bristol.

Please watch and share the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g8ILrUEf1k


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