On The Spot

This week we’re launching an exciting new podcast series called On The Spot.

It’s the Council’s first venture into the world of podcasts. We’ll be uploading an episode every week in which a different guest interviewer gets the chance to ask me their burning questions about Bristol. We’ll be talking education, diversity in senior leadership, transport, climate change, Bristol’s heritage and much more.

On The Spot is a chance for Bristol people to go deeper than the headlines, to learn more about the work we’re already doing, and what needs to change. It’s all about elevating the voices of Bristol’s people, and giving them a public platform on which to share their views – it’s an invaluable learning opportunity for me, my team and for the city.

The first episode of the podcast is all about the ecological emergency, which Bristol was the first city in the UK to declare. The declaration provides a focus for the whole city to come together and take positive action to protect our wildlife, animal habitats, green spaces and parks. The statistics are heart-breaking. 15% of British wildlife is now at risk of extinction. In Bristol, bird species like swifts and starlings have almost been wiped out and habitats for hedgehogs, birds and insects have all but been destroyed.

CEO of Avon Wildlife Trust, Ian Barrett, joined us on our first episode to talk about the action behind the declaration. AWT have played a vital role in the declaration and in their continued efforts to protect Bristol’s natural wonders. The MyWildCity project is a 3 year project led by AWT and supported by the Council, and has already done so much to raise the profile of eight wildlife sites across the city.

Listen to this week’s episode to find out more from Ian about the brilliant work already being done by individuals, organisations and city partners, and what more now needs to be done in a collective city-wide effort.

It was a pleasure speaking with Ian for the first in our podcast series, and I look forward to sharing the conversations I’ve had with other Bristol citizens over the coming weeks.

You can download and subscribe to On The Spot on Anchor, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Episode 1: The Ecological Emergency is available to listen now. This podcast is created and hosted by Bristol City Council: https://anchor.fm/bristolcitycouncil

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