International Women’s Day – Dr Mena Fombo

Today’s guest blog comes from Dr Mena Fombo, Bristol International Ambassador and founder of the Black Girl Convention.

As an activist and an intersectional feminist, my gender equality campaigning is all day everyday, on both a local and an international scale. To be explicit, what I mean by that is that I actively work towards ensuring that we live in a world where ALL of us women* and girls have our basic human rights upheld as the minimum standard – and from there we can elevate. For me, International Women’s day is everyday.

That said – I’d like to take the opportunity on this internationally recognised day to reflect, and show love to the women in my life who have inspired me, elevated me, encouraged me, supported me and most importantly loved me.

These women are our mothers, our sisters, our friends and partners. They are our role models, our colleagues, our teachers and leaders.

A recent post went round on social media a few weeks ago, asking people to tag the names of 10 Inspiring women, I didn’t have a chance to do it as work and volunteering for my city often takes priority, but I’m making time now. So, in honour of these women, I say their names out loud, I list them below and I salute them for their contributions either to my life and to society.

  • Florence Fombo
  • Jean Kington
  • Sarah Hurley
  • Gayle Myring
  • Anira Khokhar
  • Aisha Thomas
  • Dot Baker
  • Dr Zainab Khan
  • KiKi team: Linda Devo and Sharifa Whitney James
  • Black Girl Convention 2019 Team: Emilie Harryman, Joyann Boyce Bobbi Ogilvie, Ngaio Anyia, Muneera Pilgrim, Josie Gyasi Janelle John Henry

Okay, I cheated a bit with the group names, but hey!  

As International Women’s day comes around for 2020, I ask you to continue sharing the names of the women around you who challenge and enable you to be better. Or better still, if you’re able to, why not pick up the phone them give them ring?

Happy International Women’s Day #sayitmeanit

Dr Mena Fombo


*anyone who identifies as a woman 

Thanks @Knowlewestmedia and @createwitheight for the video, produced by Stephanie Burnham and made by first time Filmmaker and Junior Digital Producer Mevis Birungi.

Download the full programme for IWD celebrations at City Hall tomorrow Saturday 7 March by clicking the button below.

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