We Are Bristol Kids!

Today’s blog comes from Cllr Helen Godwin, Cabinet Member for Women, Children and Families.

There hasn’t been much to celebrate or look forward to in the past few months, but today we are finally able to share something positive and exciting as we launch our brand new online hub, We Are Bristol Kids!

Bristol’s children have been brilliant during lockdown; whatever their ages, circumstances and challenges our kids have shown themselves to be resilient, patient, creative and innovative. As I wrote for Bristol 24/7 earlier this month, I believe that national government has largely ignored the voice of the child throughout the pandemic and has failed to direct any communications or policy towards them.

We want to say a big thank you to our Bristol kids, and that is the inspiration behind today’s launch. Marvin and I want to create an online hub full of creative and educational ideas and inspiration, and a resource created by children,  for children. The new site aims to encourage reading, baking, physical activity, art and the opportunity to engage with the Mayor himself and wider local democracy. With the input of kids from across our beautiful and diverse city, we will create an online hub that tells the story of Bristol’s young people through lockdown and beyond.

This is where our ‘One City’ approach starts to benefit our youngest citizens – we’ve been able to ask for help from incredible Bristolians from across the city to put this site together – including actor Joe Sims, Bristol’s  bake-off star Briony Williams, amazing local artist Jenny Urquart and Bristol Rovers’ first team!

It’s also great timing that one of our Youth Councillors spoke at today’s Annual Council meeting over Zoom. They shared with councillors and the Mayor the work they’ve been doing to keep Bristol’s young people engaged on the big issues during lockdown – you can watch it back here.

I can’t wait to show the We Are Bristol Kids site to my own children today and will be encouraging them to get involved. I really hope that you will do the same. Our first colouring competition is about creating posters to remind drivers to slow down during lockdown.

Bristol’s children need to be seen and need to be heard, but they also need to be celebrated. We Are Bristol Kids intends to do exactly that!

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