Are you OK?

As the national lockdown continues to ease, together with the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership and partners we are encouraging people to focus on each other’s wellbeing, and consider whether friends, family and neighbours could be struggling. That’s why we have launched a new campaign, Are you OK?

Many people’s lives have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak and this has placed a huge burden on their mental and physical health. The current situation also means that many of the most vulnerable people in our communities are still not seen by others as much as they normally would, and they may not be getting the right help. 

We all need to make sure that, with people leaving home more often, the most vulnerable in our society are not forgotten. Many people may still be isolated from others and struggling on their own.

Please continue to look out for friends, family and neighbours during the pandemic and beyond.  You don’t need to be an expert to reach out – we are simply asking you to check in with the people you know, see if they are ok and help them to get the right support, if needed.

Kayleigh is a volunteer at Can do Bristol, who has been checking in on her neighbours through lockdown. I asked her to share her experience on today’s blog. This is what she said:

“I have got to know so many of my neighbours and help people in my community that otherwise I may not have met. It has taught me how easy it is to get out of your comfort zone, even just for a second, to make small acts of kindness, say hi to your neighbours or call your nan to make sure they are OK.

I have been helping an elderly couple in isolation and I know that I am the only person, other than delivery drivers, they get to speak to in real life at the moment. You can see the impact that makes on their lives. 

 The lockdown has been eased for some but I have still been keeping in contact with neighbours, I have been helping out, to see how they are. One of them told me she was struggling to access services that she needed as a single parent. It didn’t take long to find the help she was looking for and I’m glad that I could help ease her worries.

I believe it is really important to keep that sense of community going strong, whatever the future may bring for us. That’s why I would really encourage everyone to check in on people they know and help them find the right help, if things aren’t quite right.”

Could you check in on someone you know, or are concerned about – and direct them to get help if they need it? The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership website has all the information you need, including signs to look out for and details of services to contact: The police should be called if anyone is in immediate danger.

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