An open letter to Bristol’s care workers

This is a copy of a letter which is being sent to care providers across Bristol.

Dear Carers,

We are writing this open letter to the 12,000 care workers in Bristol who have worked throughout the COVID-19 crisis. You have arranged and delivered care for those who need it, supporting some of our most vulnerable residents to live healthier and more independent lives in extraordinary circumstances. We wanted to write an open letter because we want the city to know how thankful and proud we are that you are part of our city.

The comfort and support you provide for families across Bristol is incalculable. From visiting people in their homes, helping residents feel comfortable in residential care, advising families on support available and safeguarding vulnerable people through to commissioning services to help people retain their independence, delivering hot and nutritious meals, scheduling home visits and constructing care plans.

During the past four months you have shown just how important social care is to a compassionate and resilient city. You have carried out these duties – so valued by families across Bristol – in unprecedented circumstances.

You have worked long hours and put the people you care for first, ensuring our citizens had the care they have needed. You have been a source of support and comfort for those isolated from their families and loved ones and have kept them safe from a virus that has taken so many people away from us before their time. And you have done so knowing that you were putting yourself at risk of contracting COVID-19.

You may have heard in recent days some political leaders seeking to pass the buck for the damage this virus has caused, insinuating that care providers’ failure to follow procedures is to blame for the huge loss of life this country has experienced. We assure you that these views are not shared by the leadership of this city.

We are deeply grateful for the commitment, the skills and – above all – the selflessness you have brought to your roles throughout this crisis.

You have our admiration, our thanks and our support as you continue to provide care for Bristol’s citizens through the next phase of our response to coronavirus.

Yours sincerely,

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol                                                       

Cllr Helen Holland, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care

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