Wise heads on young shoulders

Today’s guest blog is from Alice Towle and John Wayman, Bristol’s Youth Mayors.

First of all, as Youth Mayors we want to extend a massive thank you to all of Bristol’s young people for staying strong throughout what has been an undeniably horrible year.

From the stress of remote learning and exam result uncertainty to the unsettling contrast of soldiering on at school while cases surge, all compounded with individual losses felt by young people, 2020 has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. Although the holidays will continue to be uncertain for many, hopefully we can all take a moment to remind ourselves of the strength it has taken just to get to this point. If we can do that, we can tackle whatever 2021 throws at us.

And now a classic holiday message for Bristol’s adults: be kind to the young people in your lives. Although everyone has gone through a lot this year, young people’s experience has been uniquely strange and disruptive. Although different people will respond to this disruption differently, try your best to be compassionate and understanding, giving them support if you can.

That sense of understanding is something to hang on to as we go into 2021. In an increasingly chaotic and polarised world it’s important sometimes to take a step back and consider the situation instead of pressing on blindly. Hopefully doing that can keep us all sane in the coming months.