Can you join our One City Boards?

Since 2019, when we launched the One City Plan, we have been working through the City Office to engage with organisations from across Bristol, collaborating with every sector and type of organisation to collaborate and deliver on the ambitions in the One City Plan. Bringing together a range of partners across different themes, goals were devised and agreed upon for every year until 2050 – goals that will benefit all those living in Bristol.

Facilitating the delivery of these goals are the One City Boards, where partners come together and discuss the strategic direction for delivery of goals, as well as receiving feedback from different sectors and organisations across the city.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, the Boards have been essential for the dissemination of Public Health information quickly and effectively, and an opportunity for members to discuss their own challenges and ask questions. As we move into a different phase of the pandemic, it’s time for the Boards to become the hubs that drive projects and collaborative working that we first envisaged.

Over the past six months, the City Office has been holding workshops and working with the One City Boards to consider this future and they are now inviting individuals, organisations, and communities across Bristol to get involved in the One City Approach.

Are you a leading expert in your sector in Bristol? Do you have a wide influence or a strong network relating to your passion? Can you contribute to the work of a thematic Board, working in partnership to deliver the One City Plan? We’re refreshing membership of our Economy and Skills, Children and Young People, Transport, and Homes and Communities Boards and looking to fill one space on the Environment board.

We need city-wide expertise if we are to deliver on Bristol’s vision that in 2050 Bristol will be a fair, healthy, and sustainable city: a city of hope and aspiration where everyone can share in its success.

For details of how to apply and submit your Expression of Interest, click here.