Tapping into the big pool of creative talent in the South West

Omari Cato, from Creative Power Town is pictured on the left. Tamara Barton-Campbell, from of Renaissance Studios is pictured on the right. Cleome Martelly is pictured in the middle, with College Green in the background.
Today’s guest blog is from Omari Cato from Creative Power
and Tamara Barton-Campbell from Renaissance Studios.

As we continue to work to bridge the gap between London and Bristol, Tamara Barton-Campbell, owner of Renaissance Studios, Omari Cato, owner of Creative Power Town, and Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, have teamed up by using their resources to provide opportunities to underrepresented talent and voices outside of London.

Music, dance, fashion, drama, media production, and photography all have a place in Creative Power Town, which serves as a platform and hub for the creative arts. We believe that the neighbourhood and larger community should have a fair opportunity of succeeding in the creative sector. Our goals include upskilling people, inspiring them, and providing them with opportunity to learn more about their chosen fields and to hone their skills.

What better way is there to encourage young people to find their passions and turn them into careers? Young creatives outside of London ought to have opportunities, and Cleome is one of the up and coming creatives Renaissance has worked with. She was a candidate for a Channel 4 project. Young creatives deserve opportunities, and Renaissance Studios has provided them with The Dating Pool and E4 Digital Talent Search, two recent Channel 4 commissions. 

Watch this space for more workshops, talent developments and outreach projects especially in the Bristol Black Creative Network.

Words by Christabel Oppong