Investing in parks and green spaces

Councillor Ellie King, smiling.
Today’s guest blog is from Councillor Ellie King, Cabinet member for Public Health and Communities and Labour councillor for Hillfields ward.

Bristol’s parks and green spaces are an important feature of the city and we’re proud to be the custodians of such a wealth of natural, open space for people to use and enjoy.

The important contribution these spaces make to the city’s physical, mental and natural health cannot be understated. They provide space to be active and enjoy sports, a place to play and a place to relax and meet friends. Across every community in Bristol, our parks are important public spaces.

As our communities change and grow, so too must our parks and green spaces. As we continue to build at least 2,000 new homes a year, the shape of communities will begin to change and the number of people using our parks will change with them.

In forecasting this change, we have identified an opportunity to invest £1.6 million in eight parks and green spaces near to areas where new housing is either being constructed or is planned for.

This investment, one of the largest single investments in parks, particularly play equipment, in recent memory, acknowledges that vital role these spaces will continue to play for future communities around Bristol. 

Cabinet will meet next week to consider this proposed investment, alongside plans to improve and introduce new facilities across seven parks. 

The plan is to spend this money on introducing new play equipment, pay for improvements to current play areas, improve sport and physical activity facilities and increase the number of facilities available where possible.

This work would pay close attention to improving access to parks, particularly for disabled visitors. The plans for each space will consider upgrades to facilities, access paths, steps, signage, entrances and what type of equipment we install in the case of play areas.

Pink and orange flowers are pictured in the foreground, with trees in the background. The pictures are taken in Victoria Park, Bedminster.
Victoria Park, Bedminster

The parks and green spaces identified for receiving this new investment are: Hengrove Play Park, Argyle Road play area, Oldbury Court Estate, St Agnes Park, green spaces in Lawrence Weston, Rawnsley Park and Victoria Park. There will also be an investment of £56,000 made into Redcatch Park with details of this plan being shared soon.

Alongside this work, we’re also investing in the natural health benefits provided by our parks and green spaces. Projects such as the St George Park Lake improvements, and the restoration of three historic ponds at Stoke Park Estate are major pieces of work that complement the efforts of the council and volunteers across Bristol to manage green spaces for nature as we tackle the ecological emergency.

To find out more about our parks and green spaces visit the council’s website.

A waterfall is pictured, with trees in the background. The pictures are taken in Oldbury Court Estate.
Oldbury Court Estate