His Majesty King Charles III’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Wayne is pictured, smiling, whilst wearing a suit.
Today’s guest blog is from Wayne, Parking Enforcement and Civil Operations Manager at Bristol City Council.

I was very fortunate to be nominated to attend the King’s 1st garden party at Buckingham Palace on 3 May, 2023. It was a complete surprise to be nominated by the Mayor and to be truthful, knowing how hard lots of Bristol City Council employees had worked in a challenging year, to be nominated was a lump in the throat moment.

When I first told my wife, Mandy, who also works at the council, she was more excited than I was, if that was possible.

A couple of weeks later, the invitation arrived, a moment I shall also never forget. Opening the letter carefully as to not damage the envelope or its contents in any way.

Shopping, which is also a passion, was fun. A new suit, tie and shoes was in order. Don’t get me started on what Mandy needed. Dress, handbag, the dreaded shoes and, of course, the hat. Checking that what was chosen was within the dress code.

The day itself was amazing. The sun shone, and we all gathered at the front gates of Buckingham Palace. Roads were closed due to the-then forthcoming Coronation.

Wayne and Mandy, his wife, are pictured outside Buckingham Palace. The Victoria Memorial is seen in the background.

When the main gates opened at the front of the Palace, the walk to the garden at the rear was long, but memorable for all the right reasons. Everyone in their best outfits, immaculately dressed military personnel lining the route and then the splendour as you reach “the garden”.

Mingling with other fortunate guests was a pleasure, we were sat with a recipient of an OBE, who had been invited as the award had been given during the pandemic and had not attended a ceremony with the Royal family.

At 4pm, the National Anthem was played as Their Majesties the King and Queen arrived. We managed to be in the nearby crowd when the King and Queen met people from all walks of life.

A walk around the garden and we saw the other Royals who were supporting their Majesties, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. We were so very fortunate to be presented to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Edinburgh.  

Food and drinks from the Buckingham Palace Garden Party are pictured. Sandwiches, drinks and dessert can be seen.

The sandwiches and soft drinks were delightful and a another walk around the garden, soaking in the ambience was breath-taking.

We were again fortunate to be in position at the front of the crowd when Their Majesties The King and Queen and Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess passed by at the end of the party.

A time to leave unfortunately arrived and we were respectfully ushered from the garden. However, photos and memories will last longer than the two hours we were there, but in truth the whole day/experience is something we will never forget.

His Majesty King Charles III is pictured in a gap between two other people. On his right a man is seen wearing a top hat.