More backwards licensing changes

King Street is pictured at night. People are sat on outdoor tables, eating and drinking. A lamp post can be seen on the left of the image, with a neon sign reading 'Show me love' hanging above.

The Home Office has announced that, following a consultation, it will not be extending the provision which allow all licensed premises to sell alcohol off site. This worked alongside pavement licensing, enabling hospitality venues to easily create seated areas outside their premises. This decision will impact on a number of licensed premises across our city.   

We are incredibly disappointed that the government has taken this decision to stop hospitality venues automatically having the ability to sell alcohol to consume away from their premises – including on tables and chairs outside of the businesses’ boundary.     

This is not a decision we support, especially during this challenging economic climate, when we know that so many businesses are struggling to make ends meet. When the government consulted on extending these new licensing conditions and we responded to express our support to make the off-site provisions permanent.    

This decision from government will affect hospitality across the country, and it’ll be up to councils to pick up the pieces. In Bristol we will continue to demonstrate our support for the hospitality sector and do all we can to help businesses navigate yet another change to the sector.   

We recognise Bristol’s support for outdoor hospitality – both from the hospitality sector and members of the public – and will do what we can to support any venues that will be affected.   

We will be reaching out to the trade over the coming days work with them and to advise them of next steps and offer them any support we can. We understand the frustration and disappointment you must be feeling, and although this decision has been taken out of our hands, we will continue to work with the sector to offer any support we can.