Summer exhibition: Coe Gallery at The Vestibules

Mayor Marvin Rees (Left) is pictured standing next to Jasmine Coe (Right), at the launch of the Coe Gallery's 'Summer' exhibition.
Today’s guest blog is from Jasmine Coe, Coe Gallery.

Welcome to ‘Summer’ is a group Aboriginal Art exhibiting celebrating emerging and established Aboriginal Artists and their stories. The exhibition has had an amazing time hosted in City Halls Vestibules, make sure you get down to see it before it closes on Thursday, 3 August.

Coe Gallery’s ‘Summer’ invites you to step into the beautifully bold, colourful and energetic landscapes of Aboriginal Land. Each work being a celebration of the artists connection to their homelands and culture. The artists’ love of land and country uplift us in their joyful paintings and demonstrates the deep connection, beauty and resilience of the many different Aboriginal cultures.  

The artists exhibiting in ‘Summer’ invite you on a journey, intending to inspire the same deep love and respect of nature for all who visit. As featured Wiradjuri artist Hannah Lange says, “All of my work is inspired by country. Whether that be the Bundjalung Country that I live on now, my Wiradjuri lineage country or the beautiful Darug and Gundungurra Country that I grew up on. I want to bring awareness to the beauty of the smallest parts of nature. Highlighting that country does not belong to us, we belong to country.”  

An Aboriginal artist is pictured painting one of the pieces of work seen in the Coe Galleries 'Summer' exhibition.
Four Aboriginal artists are pictured, smiling.

So far visitors have been captivated by the beautiful creations and have felt the intensity of the landscapes –  

“I could stand for hours in front of these. They’re hypnotic. Wonderful!”  

“Inspiring, wonderful exhibition. I felt myself taken into the landscapes and into Mother Earth.”  

A painting is pictured from the Coe Gallery's 'Summer' at the  Vestibules.
A painting named 'Raukkan' is pictured from the Coe Gallery's 'Summer' at the   Vestibules.

“Superb exhibition, beautiful and fascinating pieces. Wonderful to get a glimpse into the artists lives. Feel very lucky to see the work in person. Such an array of colour, texture, pattern and most important stories.”  

Come and experience the warmth and vibrancy ‘Summer’ brings to the Vestibules. Exhibition continues until Thursday, 3 August from 10am to 6pm.  

The Coe Gallery's logo is pictured with white outline on a black background, and text reading: Coe Gallery.