Frome Gateway Regeneration: have your say on the future of St Jude’s

The river Frome is pictured with the river wall on the right side of the image and trees on the left side.

Bristol is a thriving city, well renowned for providing opportunities, attracting talent, supporting businesses and offering the highest employment rate of the UK’s core cities. However, this is not something that is experienced by all residents equally.

Our city is 42 square miles with a rapidly growing population, which presents the challenge of how we sustainably develop Bristol while limiting the sprawl of the city. If we don’t act now to regenerate areas that need it most, and make use of brownfield sites to build new communities that attract opportunity, those parts of our city will be in danger of being left behind.

Regeneration must be used to create vibrant, successful places with higher density development to make use of the finite land available, balancing the need for homes, workspaces, green spaces and infrastructure while directing investment to existing areas most in need.

Frome Gateway is one of these areas of our city, which is in need of investment so that it can better meet the needs of the local community and our city.

We’ve been working with local businesses and the community to shape a vision for the future for this area. While we continue to address challenges such as the housing crisis, social and economic inequality, and the climate and ecological emergencies.

The Frome Gateway area includes the land either side of the River Frome in St Jude’s, Lawrence Hill. It is east of Bristol City Centre and is bordered by Newfoundland Way/M32 to the west, Pennywell Road to the east, Houlton Street/Wade Street to the south and to the north by Easton Way.

The Frome Gateway regeneration area is pictured, with the wider map of Bristol.

Modern cities are always evolving to meet the needs of their residents, and Frome Gateway has seen huge changes over the centuries. Today, we have launched a consultation on the proposed vision, strategy and priorities for new development and investment in this area as it embarks on its next great transformation.

The draft Frome Gateway Regeneration Framework outlines a vision and set of principles to inform and coordinate development and regeneration proposals across the area to ensure it is fit for the future.

The vision is that, by 2035, the delivery of new and improved homes, workspaces, and community and public spaces will transform the Frome Gateway to better meet the needs of the local community and our city. This will see the area changing over time from a mostly industrial area to a healthy and sustainable residential-led neighbourhood with a greater mix of uses.

By 2035, the framework sets out a vision to:

  • Deliver about 1,000 new homes including a mix of larger family and affordable homes
  • Provide a range of new work and employment space for businesses to thrive
  • Bring about quality training and employment opportunities for local people
  • Open and restore the River Frome to become a thriving wildlife corridor, and increase the amount of green space through a network of new pocket parks
  • Provide safer streets for walking and cycling
  • Support community and cultural organisations to grow their reach into the community including young people
  • Improve public health and wellbeing and support more sustainable, active living
  • Adapt to the impacts of climate change and support ecological recovery.
A map of Frome Gateway regeneration is pictured. With examples some of the development that will come as a result of the project.

Following engagement with the community and local stakeholders throughout the development of the Regeneration Framework, comments received during the consultation will be used to make final changes before it goes to Cabinet in early 2024 for approval. If endorsed, the framework will be used to guide planning applications and investment in the area over the next 15 years.

To learn more about the Frome Gateway Regeneration Framework the council is running face-to-face and online events throughout the consultation period which are open to everyone. Details of these events are on the Frome Gateway project website

To complete the consultation survey visit the Frome Gateway project website. The consultation closes on Monday 4 December 2023.

Paper copies are available at Junction 3 Library, Trinity Arts Centre, St Pauls Learning Centre, St Pauls Community Sport Academy.

To request an Easy Read or posted paper copy of the survey or contact the team: email or call 0117 922 4409.