Update: East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood

Since the last update on the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood pilot, we’ve been reviewing feedback on the draft plans. Based on this feedback, following meetings with community representatives in Barton Hill, we are proposing a number of changes to the scheme which can be seen below and on the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood website.

With feedback and consultation still ongoing, no decisions have been made about any final scheme. There will be more chances for local people to have their say, including more formal consultation about proposals later this year.

We still aim to start the trial this winter with some temporary changes being introduced, which will be kept under local review, with more opportunity for local feedback before anything is made permanent.

A map shows updated proposals for the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood pilot area, across Barton Hill and parts of Redfield and St George. A key at the bottom identifies changes from previous plans following community feedback.

Certain levels of change need to be delivered to satisfy the national funding bodies. Some people may think that the potential changes are not worth the investment which would otherwise be lost, and we’re continuing to work with communities to explore this.

Delivering Liveable Neighbourhoods was a manifesto commitment on which I was re-elected, and we’re taking the time to get it right with this first pilot project. It is welcome that now all but one local councillor have expressed their support for the scheme.

It has been disappointing to see some misinformation circulated about the pilot scheme, including by actors from outside the area and outside the city. To confirm, once again:

  • Nobody will be charged for driving into or out of the Liveable Neighbourhood area. However, if you were to drive through one of the proposed bus gates you would receive a penalty charge notice as you would anywhere else in our city. However, there will be a number of vehicle types that will be exempt – check the website to find out more.
  • No roads will be completely closed to vehicular traffic. All roads will still be accessible by car/vehicle. You may have to drive by a different route as there could be point closures (known as modal filters).
  • Emergency services will be able to access all roads.

Councillor Don Alexander, my Cabinet Member for Transport, is writing to residents across the trial area of Barton Hill, and parts of Redfield and St George, as below. We have also produced a Frequently Asked Questions guide.